Sydney Harbour is the best place to hang out this summer!

Why Sydney Harbour is the best place to hang out this Summer!

Sydney summer is in full swing! Time to crack open the beers, soak up the rays and put a shrimp on the barbie! We’re lucky enough to live in a stunning city with an abundance of things to do and places to explore, so it’s difficult to single out one area that’s better than the others to enjoy the sunshine…but if we had to? Here’s why we think that Sydney harbour is the best place to hang out in this summer!

The View

No wonder Sydney harbour is viewed as one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world! Everywhere you go, you’ll find an awesome view waiting for you! See Sydney Opera House or head to Watsons Bay for a fantastic view of The Sydney Harbour Bridge. Walking around Sydney, you’ll come across many awesome views of beaches, bushland and the city! Let’s go!

Boat party

What better way to see Sydney Harbour than on a boat? Think BBQ’s, beers, finding hidden coves and chilling with your best mates in the sun! Organise a cruise with us and up to 30 of your mates for your very own private boat party on the harbour! Pump the tunes and relax on deck or  jump in the water to cool off to beat the heat. Jumping on a boat on Sydney Harbour allows you to beat the crowds, pick your favourite beach, enjoy a BBQ and a bevvy (or three!) with all your own mates.

Girl's day out on Sydney Harbour this summer


Sydney is full of hidden coves and beaches around the harbour – you just have to look for them! With the clear blue waters around Sydney, hitting the beach is the perfect way to cool off this summer. Join the crowds in Bondi Beach or go for a more low key option like Milk Beach by Vaucluse or beautiful Shelly Beach in Manly. There are some amazing beaches to choose from in Sydney!

Sydney's hidden coves


Sydney sunsets never get old! With any hot summers days comes a beautiful orange or pink sunset. You could be anywhere in Sydney to check out these off the scale sunsets but you can’t beat seeing the sun set behind The Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Sydney Harbour Sunsets this summer


Sydney’s summer weather has not let us down this year! We’ve had some beautiful, hot days and with plenty of ways to beat the heat, we can’t complain! Hop on a Rockfish cruise or head to one of Sydney’s many beaches and man made pools.

Relax in Sydney harbour this summer

Want to charter your own private catamaran on Sydney Harbour? Come and cruise with us from just $15 pp/ph for a fun and affordable day on the harbour!

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