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On Board Features

Where do we cruise to?

Rockfish picks up at Darling Harbour and likes to cruise nice and slow past the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. We then find a nice beach where you are welcome to have a swim and light up the BBQ. We usually stop at Athol Bay (Taronga Zoo) or near another nice Sydney inner Harbour beach (wind & weather dependent). 

Can I play my own music?

Yes please! All three of our catamarans have a Bluetooth connection that allows you to connect to your music device to our speakers. We have a USB charging spot so be sure to bring your charger so we can party all cruise long!

Are there bathrooms on board?

Yes. Each catamaran has a toilet on board. Rockfish III has two on board toilets.

Is smoking permitted on board?

Smoking is only permitted onboard once at anchor and in a dedicated area of the catamaran located towards the back of the vessel.

Can we bring a DJ on board?

No. Rockfish Catamarans do not have a power source for DJs to come on board. DJs can bring their own generator, but this does take up significant space onboard. Contact our team for more information.

Is there a BBQ on board?

Yes. All of our catamarans feature an onboard gas BBQ. Your rate includes all amenities use. Our deckhands will be able to assist in any cooking required.

Pre Sail Preparations and Arrival

How many people can attend my cruise?

Rockfish I takes a maximum of 30 passengers, Rockfish II takes a maximum of 20 passengers and Rockfish III takes a maximum of 43 passengers (regardless of weight / age). By law we are not allowed to have any extra passengers on-board. Please note entertainment/waiters are to be included in the maximum passenger number.

**Please note – Current Covid restrictions may impact the number of passengers you are permitted to bring on your charter. Learn more.**

Can I board the vessel early to set up?

Rockfish has only a 15 minute time slot on a wharf booking so you will need to set up what you need in that 15 minutes. In some cases you will be able to meet the skipper at the marina where we keep our vessels, to set up an hour prior to your cruise. Please confirm with our reservation crew to see if this is possible for your cruise.

Which wharfs do you pick up from?

Pick up and drop off are at King Street Wharf in Darling Harbour. We can look at different alternatives (Woolloomooloo, Rose Bay & Double Bay Wharf) depending on the vessel’s schedule that day.

Please understand that pick ups/ drop offs from wharfs other than Darling Harbour may result in longer travel time, which might need to be adjusted with your overall cruise time and may incur an additional fee.

Can you arrange extra pick-ups?

Rockfish can arrange additional pick-ups from a selection of Sydney wharfs. Additional pick ups have to be pre-booked and incur a $35 fee per wharf booking.

How long can we cruise for?

Our standard cruise time is 4 hours, which gives us plenty of time to cruise around the harbour, stop off in a bay for a swim, and cook up a BBQ! Please note Bucks Parties are a maximum of 3 hours.

What if the time I want to cruise is not available?

When making a booking, you see that the time you prefer is not available, please contact us! Our standard times are listed in our availability but usually we can be flexible and accommodate you to cruise at another time.

When should I arrive at the Wharf for my booking?

We recommend to arrive at your booked wharf at least 15 minutes before the start of your cruise. Once the catamarans has departed, they will be unable to return for any late passengers.

How do I contact my skipper on the day of the cruise?

We will supply you with the skippers name and contact number prior to your cruise in case you need to contact them. Please only contact the skipper on the day of the cruise if you are having trouble locating them at the wharf. All other enquiries should be direct to our Rockfish Crew via email.

How do I get to the Wharf for pickup?

Our main pickup and dropoff wharf is King Street Wharf. You can access this precinct via The Promenade, Lime St, Sydney NSW 2000. Parking is available at Secure Parking on Shelley St. If you are coming from the Sutherland, St George or Illawarra areas, we recommend Shire Shuttle Bus services who provide group transport services from those areas to King Street Wharf

Booking and Payment

How much deposit is required?

To confirm your charter and preferred cruise date and time, a 50% deposit is required. Unless you are booking within 14 days of your cruise date then full payment is required.

How much does it cost to hire a Rockfish cataraman?

We have live availability on our website for all catamaran hires. Your rates will include your Skipper, Deckhand, Wharf Fees, BYO Fees and Fuel charges. Please note that public holiday surcharges may apply and additional wharf fees may apply for alternative pick up and drop off locations.  Click here to get your price.

How do I book?

To lock in your cruise, a 50% deposit is required which you can organise by credit card payment on our booking page. Simply select your preferred date & time and follow the instructions. The remainder payment is due two weeks prior your cruise, we will contact you to remind you.

What happens if it rains?

Rockfish will still go out in the rain and we have plenty of undercover area for everyone! If the weather is deemed unsafe for passengers and crew, Rockfish will reschedule your charter. Please find our full terms & conditions here.

Catering and BYO 

Can we BYO food & drinks?

Yes! You are more than welcome to bring your own food, Rockfish provide a gas BBQ for you to use. Alternatively we have some catering packages on offer for example a $15pp BBQ package and a $15pp cheese platter which also includes 3 bags of ice, plates & cutlery. Drinks are BYO, Rockfish supply eskies but we recommend to bring 3 bags of ice (one extra on a hot day) to keep your drinks nice & cold.

Who cooks the BBQ?

Whether you bring your own food or we supply the food for you, our friendly Rockfish crew will be more than happy to assist you with cooking the BBQ! Have a look at our BBQ Catering package here!

Are there Cups, Plates and Utensils onboard?

We highly recommend to bring your own cups. We may have some plates and utensils onboard, however we recommend to bring your own.


Can I bring children on board?

Feel free to bring your children along! We have railings around our vessels but please make sure to keep an eye on the little ones at all times. Please note Rockfish supply adult life jackets only so please BYO children’s life jackets. 

Do I need to wear a life jacket?

We have adult life jackets onboard but they are not a requirement to be worn while onboard. Please BYO children’s life jackets if you are bringing children onboard.

Am I allowed to jump off the side of the boat?

Yes but only at the back of the boat and only while the boat is stationary.

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