Cruise Sydney Harbour with Rockfish

What makes a Rockfish Cruise the best on Sydney Harbour?

Rockfish is known for it’s fun and friendly staff on our catamarans. For us, Rockfish is all for making sure everyone is having the best time and ensuring that as soon as everyone leaves us after their cruise, they will remember that time they had the best day ever on Rockfish Catamarans and never forget it. So what does make a Rockfish cruise the best on Sydney Harbour?

Aye Aye Captain

Our staff love to meet every one of all the different groups that join us every day. Our staff are very fun and friendly which makes us very approachable in small requests you may have about your cruise. We like to hear what you would like to see on your cruise and help you out the to the best we can to cater for everything you need. The crew have their favourite spots on the Harbour so don’t be shy to ask! Having a fun captain means you are 100% going to have a fun cruise! You can meet our crew here!

Rockfish cruise is the best on Sydney Harbour

Fun, Fun and Fun

Rockfish like to base their cruises around fun times with friends, laughter and happy faces. I don’t think I can picture a better way to spend a day with friends than cruising around Sydney Harbour on my very own private boat party. The best part about hopping on board Rockfish is knowing you have your own boat with just you and your closest mates and no one can stop the smiles. Having a private cruise with us means you are able to show off your silly dance moves and play your favourite music without the pressure of impressing to many people as we are all friends here 🙂

Best Cruise on Rockfish cruising Sydney Harbour

Shh it’s a Secret

Showing you the hidden beaches on Sydney Harbour is the crew’s favourite part of the day! It is so nice to pull up to a beach and have the beach to yourself and be able to jump into the clear blue waters of Sydney Harbour. Our crew will show you the awesome landmarks and the spectacular views of Sydney Harbour and the beaches that you have never even heard of before will blow you away!

Rockfish cruise is the best on Sydney Harbour

Cheap as Chips

Having our charters at an affordable rate makes cruising around with your best mates with a drink in your hand is awesome and easy. Rockfish like to keep their cost as low as we can so everyone can have a fun day on the Harbour, enjoying the sunshine, cruising through the best Harbour in the world and stopping at some of the prettiest swimming spots ever. Having low prices, BYO options and easy pick up locations means you don’t have to give us your arm and leg to enjoy the beautiful Sydney Harbour and all of it’s views.

Cheap Cruise on Rockfish Sydney Harbour

Rockfish is all about keeping it friendly with our guests, ensuring you have the best private party you could ever ask for, showing off the beautiful beaches Sydney has to offer and keeping the cost low so anyone can enjoy a Rockfish party!

Check out our reviews on Facebook and TripAdvisor and please don’t be afraid to get in touch with our super friendly office staff!

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