Whether you drew the short straw this year or you willingly volunteered, if you have been tasked with organising the work Christmas party, it’s a lot of pressure to get things right! You have to appeal to a mass amount of people who are probably all interested in different things and all have their preferences about what kind activities are on offer for the festive shindig. It is hard to find something that you know will please everyone!

Rockfish may have the perfect solution! One that will (hopefully) make your life a lot easier and have everyone smiling about the Christmas party long after it has finished! (Be warned though, if it goes as well as we intend, you may be asked to organise it again next year!!)

For your Christmas party this year, why not hire a private catamaran and spend a few hours on the beautiful Sydney Harbour. I don’t know about you, but a lot of Sydneysiders will openly admit that we just do not take advantage of the fact that we have one of the most incredible harbours in the world right on our doorstep!

You and your colleagues can take our catamaran and spend a few hours bonding, recharging, partying etc. with some of the world’s most famous icons as your backdrop for the day … when was the last time you stopped and really looked at our amazing Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. It’s an incredible sight to behold from the water, and it looks even better in the sunshine, when you have a nice cool beverage in your hand, a lovely sea breeze cooling you down and the sound of laughter filling the air!

We offer a range of charter options throughout the week and across the weekend, which means we can help you cater to the needs of the masses easily, depending on the culture of your office! Our morning cruises are 3 hours long and we have an afternoon option and an evening option which last 4 hours each.

It may be that your colleagues would not be free in the evenings because of commitments outside of work such as families etc. In which case, our day time charters would be perfect, take a few hours out of the office in the morning or the afternoon and everyone can be home in time for dinner! If your office has more of a party culture and your colleagues want a night out, our evening charters are perfect to get things started! Spend a few hours on the water and, when you get back, you can find a nice bar in Darling Harbour to continue the party in!

A bit more about the boat … Rockfish is a 10.5 metre sailing catamaran that can pick up and set down at multiple points around the harbour. It has a great sound system on board that connects easily to iPods. We do offer a range of catering options if needed, otherwise, you are welcome to bring your own food for the BBQ on board and your own drinks.

As if you need any more convincing … this year’s Christmas party just got a whole lot more affordable too! Our charter’s start from as little as $15 per person, per hour! That includes the skipper, a deckhand, all wharf fees and all your fuel costs! Contact our Rockfish crew today to get the ball rolling for your Christmas Party cruise this year!

The only thing anyone will have to complain about is the fact that it ended!