Sydney Harbour boat hire

Sydney Harbour Boat Hire

Whether you’re in Sydney for a visit or you live close by, if you are not taking advantage of the chance to get out on to the water in Sydney Harbour, you are doing yourself a huge injustice!

Sailing on Sydney Harbour is one of the best ways to see the wonderful sights that Sydney has to offer. With the world famous Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge as your backdrop for the duration of your time on the water, it is very easy to appreciate why Sydney is so popular amongst tourists and residents alike.

Described as a ‘big blue playground’, when you sail out, you’ll see an array of ferries, yachts, jet boats and kayaks. There is camaraderie amongst your temporary neighbours, with people on boats, big and small, waving as they cruise past, happy to share that moment with you, content enough with their surroundings to treat you, a stranger, as though you were an old friend. It’s an unspoken bond that’s shared on the water!

Sydney Harbour has many islands that bring a significant cultural and historical heritage to the area. Fort Denison, Shark, Clark, Rodd, Goat and Cockatoo Islands are home to Aborginal and European history, with Cockatoo Island appearing on the UNESCO World Heritage list as one of 11 Australian Convict Sites.

Once you’ve moored the boat, you can do a spot of fishing, cook a bit of food and relax with a nice cold drink with your friends, family or colleagues. Whether it’s a celebration, a corporate team building exercise or just a chilled out Sunday afternoon, a Sydney Harbour Charter is a great way to spend your time, regardless of how long you’re in Sydney for!*

If this all sounds like perfection to you, what are you waiting for? Rockfish offers a range of charter options at very affordable prices … Contact our team today to discuss your options!


*Disclaimer: You may never want to leave!

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