Looking for a way to impress your mates? Here are some cool facts about the Sydney Harbour Bridge that you may or may not have known. Be sure to keep one in mind to for next time you cruise, walk, fly, ride, drive or just see the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

1. The bridge was first opened in 1932, however it  wasn’t until 1996 that the first New Year’s Eve fireworks were displayed from the Harbour Bridge.!0 facts about Sydney Harbour Bridge

2. This year will be the 85th anniversary of the Harbour Bridge.10 facts about Sydney Harbour Bridge

3. It has around 6 million rivets, which means there are more rivets on the Bridge than there are people in Sydney.

4. The massive construction of the Harbour Bridge cost around $4.2 million. Nowadays that’s around $69.9 million.

5. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world’s largest steel arch bridge at:
– 1149 meters long (23 swimming pools)
– 52,800 tonnes (9,600 Asian Elephants)
– 134 metres above sea level (63 basketball players)

6. To make sure it looked the part, it’s first 3 coats used 272,000 litres of paint.

7. The pylons on either side do make very good decorations. They are actually the only reason they are placed there…

8.  Paul Hogan was a rigger on the bridge even before he became famous for chucking a shrimp on the BBQ and becoming Crocodile Dundee.

9. It took 1,400 men eight years to build the bridge which is enough to fill 78 soccer teams! Unfortunately there were 16 deaths during the construction of the bridge.

10. The top of the arch can rise and fall about 180mm due to changes in temperature.

So next time you see the Harbour Bridge, be sure to take in all of it’s beauty. It took a lot of men and hard work to finish it off and it is very impressive that the world’s largest steel bridge is right in our own back yard!

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