Cruise with Rockfish catamarans on your bucks cruise

Why have your Bucks Party on Rockfish?

4 Reasons you should have your bucks party on Rockfish…

Another one of the boys is tying the knot and you want to make sure you have the best night out as it may be the last bit of freedom the misses may give the groom to be! Looking for the best thing to do for your mate? Here are 4 reasons why you should have your bucks party with Rockfish!

It’s all about the boys!

Cruising on Rockfish gives you a private little party on Sydney Harbour. Getting together to celebrate another one of your beloved mates leaving you for “the love of his life”. As you have the boat all to yourselves you can party hard and enjoy the company of just the buck and his best group of friends! As you have your boat party happening, you won’t have to worry about that one guy that we all know will leave the group to try hit on the good looking girl over the bar. The boat is all yours and there are no other people to interrupt your boys day (well unless you head out afterwards and he runs off anyway)!

Bucks Party on Rockfish

Let’s get things a little exciting!

You all know the rule; “what happens on the bucks party stays at the bucks party”.  So if you wanted to be a little naughty (perhaps ignore everything the bride to be has told you) why not have a topless waitress to serve you and the guys some beers or if you want to go that step further a strip show is always a good way to embarrass the groom!

That view!

There is no better way to spend a day, afternoon or night then cruising around with the best bunch of guys on Sydney Harbour. The boat is all yours and there is plenty of room for everyone. There are 360 degree views of Sydney Harbour and you can even go for a swim!  With our speakers throughout the boat, you can play your own music and show off your awesome voices signing to some Justin Bieber and One Direction (we all know that’s what comes out on the bucks parties).

Beautiful city views on Rockfish

It’s easy peasy!

We find a lot of bucks partys are very last minute so if you are looking for the mother of all ideas simply book your private bucks party with Rockfish. It is so easy to book and we can even to all the catering for you. All you need to do is lock in a date and then turn up! Rockfish is BYO drinks so it makes it easy on you.

So stop putting it off! Having a bucks party will ensure everyone has a heap of fun with your own private charter all to yourself! It is super easy to book and you can play your own music, cruise the harbour and bring your own drinks! Organising your best mates final night of freedom couldn’t get much easier than booking with us!

Check out our Bucks Party page and get in touch with us now to organise the best bucks party evveeerrr!!

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