Vivid Sydney

Vivid Festival Sydney 2014

Every year, our favourite harbour comes alive with spectacular displays of light, music and creative design concepts, as part of the annual Vivid Festival. Described as a ‘playground for the world’s creative industries’, Vivid gives our city a chance to celebrate and showcase the way that creativity can change everything. People from all over the world get involved, with hundreds of thousands of people attending every year.

There’s the world famous ‘lighting of the sails’, an amazing display that breathes life in to one of the world’s most iconic buildings. This year, the event will be taking us on a remarkable recap of human and technological triumphs over the course of time.

This year’s festival will be the biggest yet! And you could be right in the middle of it! Because this year, the festival spills out on to the water and the harbour will burst into life in spectacular fashion, with a lot of the cruise ships, ferryboats and water taxis being decorated with LED lights that change in response to which parts of the harbour they enter. All this will be done with state of the art technology, including the most up to date sat-nav geo-positioning equipment.

Sounds awesome, right?

Even more awesome … you could be on your own private catamaran while all this is happening, giving you the best seats in the house! Our night charters are perfect for getting out on to the water to see this amazing event from a different perspective. There are 3 pickup points, so we can get you straight from work! Add some of your favourite people (up to 30), some food for the BBQ and a few drinks and you have the recipe for a perfect evening!

The festival runs from 23rd May to 9th June and the light displays start at 6pm. If you fancy experiencing the marvel of the Vivid Festival from the water this year, contact our team and we can get your charter organised for you. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to view the city all lit up from the water… call today!


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