Organise your Hens party on Rockfish

Why have your Hens Party on Rockfish?

4 Reasons you should have your hens party on Rockfish…

Everyone wants to have a hens party to remember…the one that stands out from everyone else’s! The one that is the mother of all hens party ideas! Having your Hens Party on Rockfish allows you to have a private boat, play your own music, have awesome views, have a swim and have a drink with the girls before your big day! Here is why you should have your Hens party on Rockfish…

Your very own private par-tey!

The boat is yours! Having your Hens party on Rockfish gives you and your closest friends the opportunity to hang out and party hard! As it is just your group onboard there is no need to shy away from showing off your most embarrassing dance moves and play your favourite songs (keep in mind mum is still watching!) It’s your day so you can choose where you’d like to stop off for a swim, BYO drinks and tan it up in the nets at the front on the boat. You can bring all of your own food and show off your cake making skills! Don’t fancy organising your own food for the day? Check out out catering options!

Hens party on Rockfish

Eye Candy

If you’re looking for something to make everyone blush a little, why not book in some eye candy for the ‘last sail before the veil’?! With a topless waiter on Rockfish you’ll be served drinks and waited on hand and foot! Your topless waiter is there to ensure you enjoy your day, flex his abs for all your photos and you may even see a little tush! 😉  Speaking of photos, you will get more than enough opportunities to get your favourite pics of Sydney Habrbour. The views you will see and the places you can stop are incredible!

Cheeky waiter on Rockfish

Where’s the willy?!

The kind of games the crew see being played on Rockfish during hens parties is crazy! We do usually join in though! Whether it be sticking the willy on the manly cut out of your fave celebrity or being blindfolded and trying to do your best baseball impression as you swing for that oddly shaped piñata. Why not have a themed party? Something related to the Bride or related your boat party always works a charm. It times to get those amazing tacky hen party props out! Willy straws anyone?! 

Hens party on Rockfish


You will be able to play your favourite songs through our awesome sound system. Put together your favourite playlist (we all know there is a little Beyonce in everyone!) ready for your hens party. Relax in the sun for the day, enjoy the views and pump up the S Club 7 and bring out your inner divas!

Hens party on Rockfish

So come along with your family and besties and enjoy the fun of your own private catamaran in Sydney Harbour and awesome views for your Hens Party! So I tell ya what you want, what ya really really want! You wanna really really really book Rockfish now! 😉

Check out our Hens Party page and book now to lock in the best Hens Party any lucky ‘Bride to Be’ could ask for!

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